Parking Enforcement

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Parking Ticket

Downtown Parking Map 

Downtown Parking Map

To view the full size Downtown Parking Map please click here.

4 Hour Parking Meter Zones 

You can find these zones in the Parkade located at 3rd Avenue and Steele Street.

2 Hour Parking 

See our pamphlet available here

Parking Enforcement

Originally adopted in 1982, the Traffic Bylaw regulates traffic and vehicle parking.  It has been amended and updated many times since it was adopted.  The most recent amendment was approved by Council on September 23, 2013.

Bylaw includes:

  • Definitions
  • General Information
  • Operation of Vehicles
  • Accessible Parking Permits
  • Parking Meters
  • Parking Permits
  • Taxi Stands
  • Loading Zones
  • Bus Zones
  • Large or Heavy Vehicles
  • Removal of Vehicles from Public Property
  • Special Event Road Closures (Special Event Road Closures Bylaw)

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Payment for traffic violation tickets issued under the Traffic Bylaw may be made by Visa or Mastercard over the phone.  Please call City Hall at 667-6401 and a Customer Service Representative will assist you.

Parking Meter Violations for Non-Yukon License Plates 

Visitors are reminded that they can obtain a FREE 3 day Parking Pass from the Yukon Visitor Information Centre. This allows visitors to park at parking meters for free.

A visit to the Information Centre will also allow visitors to easily find, in one place, the many things that Whitehorse and the Yukon have to offer. Trained staff are on duty to help answer a variety of questions. 

Vehicles bearing Non-Yukon license plates are subject to the same parking regulations as Yukon residents pursuant to the City of Whitehorse Traffic Bylaw.

Parking Meter and Traffic enforcement within the Central Business District provides Yukon residents and visitors consistent opportunities to park on city streets as a result of continual turnover of parking availability for incoming motorists. 

The Traffic Bylaw is administered and enforced by the Bylaw Services Department.

If you have any questions concerning the Traffic Bylaw please contact Bylaw Services at (867) 668-8317.

Food For Fines - December 2017

Mayor Dan Curtis and City Council presented this year’s Food for Fines donations to the Whitehorse Food Bank and Kaushee’s Place today.

The City raised $2,100 in food donations and $5,320 in cash donations, for a total amount of $7,420. In comparison, the City raised $5,545 in 2016.  

“I’m delighted that this fundraiser is now in its 11th year, thanks to incredible support from our residents,” Mayor Dan Curtis said. “We are thankful for the vital help that organizations like the Whitehorse Food Bank and Kaushee’s Place provide to people in need in our community.”

The Food for Fines program gives the option of donating cash or food of equal value to a parking ticket. Parking meter ticket fines received between December 2 and 9 were eligible. Donations were accepted until December 13.

     Food for Fines donations