Connected, Engaged, Participatory Community

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Citizens are involved in decisions that affect them; act as stewards of the environment; and are connected and responsible to each other, the environment, and their government. 
Increase number of neighbourhoods with active and engaged community associations 
Increase to 35% by 2020 27%
Increase number of City partnerships on special events and joint projects  
5% increase by 2020 Forthcoming
Increase percentage of population that regularly volunteers 5% increase in volunteerism by 2020  Forthcoming
Increase number of new, unique, or annual opportunities for public participation 3% increase by 2020  59 opportunities in 2014
Increase direct engagement with hard-to-reach audiences (% of major consultative processes with at least one direct opportunity) 10% increase by 2020  Forthcoming



Engaging the community is part of the City’s democratic responsibility; fosters a greater sense of community and pride; and leads to better and more strongly supported civic decisions. A connected, active community strengthens the social safety net and makes people happier.


Medium. The City determines its approach to public engagement and involvement in decision processes. The overall community connectedness is less determined by City action.


Good. Whitehorse is recognized as tight-knit with a strong sense of community. The City provides opportunities for public involvement in many decisions. The City aims for transparency and most decisions and documents are public.