Strong Downtown and Livable Neighbourhoods




The Goal

A moderately more dense and livable city, especially downtown, with all neighbourhoods having access to low-impact transportation, diverse services and varied housing options.   

Increase livability of all neighbourhoods
Establish criteria and targets by 2020 none
Increase downtown population density 
Increase by 10% by 2020 2014: 634 people per km²
Increase population of downtown and neighbourhoods closest to downtown 1% increase by 2020 31% of total Whitehorse population (Dec. 2014)



A vibrant, mixed-use downtown encourages active transportation, local businesses, civic pride, and tourism. Livable neighbourhoods attract residents and businesses. They have housing to suit different ages, abilities, and incomes, and amenities to meet daily needs.


High. Through planning and development regulation, the City influences new development. City jurisdiction in existing built areas is low.



 Good: Whitehorse has a thriving downtown and waterfront, despite dispersed development and steep areas separating downtown from other parts of the city. Many services are located in neighbourhoods. 

More information

Read more about the City of Whitehorse's Planning Department and Community Economic Development Strategy.