Building Consolidation Project


Efficient service and operations facilities that work for Whitehorse

The Building Consolidation Project (BCP) is an ambitious project with a simple aim: to bring the City’s workspaces to modern standards.

Two new City buildings are being designed from the ground-up for the convenience of the public and to maximize the efficiency of City staff. They will be models of energy efficiency and system integration.

The first building will bring together several departments of the City’s Operations, just off Range Road on Two Mile Hill. The second will be beside City Hall downtown: a one-stop shop for City taxpayers, a place where citizens can pay their bills, apply for a business licence, or meet their city councillor.

The City is partnering with senior levels of government through programs like the Federal Gas Tax to reduce the cost of building the project; using capital reserves and low-cost loans will mean construction will have no impact on city taxes.

Through energy efficiencies and reduced repair bills in the decades to come, it’s projected the BCP will actually save taxpayers millions in the long term.

Whitehorse City Council approved the BCP after close consultation with the public, and careful research into the costs and benefits of the project. Find out more about the Building Consolidation Project on this site, as well as upcoming opportunities for public information, quick facts, and the details behind the project’s business case.