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Trails North 

Trail Plan Meeting Announcement, April 12!

The City of Whitehorse is in the process of developing a Trail Plan for the neighbourhoods of Forestview, MacPherson, and Hidden Valley. Learn more here!


The City of Whitehorse has an extensive trail network that is managed following the 2007 Trail Plan. The City is continually working to implement the plan through day-to-day operations, as well as develop area-specific trail plans through the City's trail planning process.

Visit the trail consultation page to view current projects! 

City Trails  

There is an estimated 150 km of trails of City-wide significance and at least 700 km of local and neighbourhood trails used by Whitehorse residents. The trail network is designed to link neighbourhoods, provide access to the surrounding hinterland and facilitate public movement about the community. An integrated trail system provides a range of recreation and transportation benefits. City trails include:

  • Millennium Trail
  • Trans Canada Trail
  • Hamilton Boulevard Multi-use Trail
  • 2 Mile Hill Bicycle Paths (north and south sides)
  • Airport Perimeter Trail
  • Puckett’s Gulch Trail / Stairway
  • Cross Country Ski Trails (Mount McIntyre, Chadburn Lake)
  • City Trails (> 100 km)
  • Neighbourhood Trails (> 700 km)

Reminders for Trail Users

When using City trails, please remember that:

  • No person shall drive an automobile on a City trail unless it was developed, designated and approved for such a purpose;
  • No person shall make ruts or displace vegetation from its place of growth;
  • ATV operations on City trails and open spaces are restricted from November 1 to March 31 of every year; 
  • Snowmobile operators, please check out our rider requirements and stay safe this season! 



(867) 668-8325 




“The citizens of Whitehorse will enjoy year-round access to a network of interconnected
non-motorized and motorized trails, greenway corridors and cycling routes that will
support the City’s commitment to creating a liveable, safe, attractive, healthy and
sustainable Winter City community.”

-Trail Plan Vision Statement