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Road and infrastructure reconstruction in Takhini North was completed by August 2010. Information that was distributed as part of reconstruction work is still available here.

2010 Construction

2010 construction included finishing Normandy Road North, the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Normandy/Nijmegan/Antwerp, and a new road, Carpiquet Road, including the installation of services for new lot development on Carpiquet.

Reconstruction and Local Improvement Charges - May 2009 Update

A meeting was held on May 14 2009 at 7pm at the Mt McIntyre Centre. This meeting was to inform residents of the construction schedule and other details. To view the presentation and meeting minutes from this event click on the links below:

Powerpoint Presentation 
May 14, 2009 Meeting Minutes 
Final Road Layout 

A public information meeting was held on March 3rd 2009 at the Mt McIntyre Centre. Information from the meeting is available:

Powerpoint Presentation 
Meeting Minutes

A "yes" vote was recorded on the Local Improvement Charge. City Council passed the LIC Bylaw on January 26th. Phase 1 of construction, involving the reconstruction of all existing infrastructure and the development of several new lots for sale, is anticipated to begin this summer with completion expected by October 2009.

A list of frequently asked questions has been created regarding the reconstruction of infrastructure in Takhini North, and the Local Improvement Charge (LIC) process. This information was distributed at a public information meeting on December 9, 2008:

Frequently Asked Questions
Dec 9, 2008 Meeting Minutes

October 2008 meeting information is available below:

Takhini North Reconstruction Timelines 
Proposed Services To Existing Buildings 
Takhini North Design Elements 
Oct 2008 Meeting Minutes