Takhini North Planning

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Planning work was carried out for the Takhini North area from 2003 to 2009. This webpage is a record of the work that was done.

New Zoning - January 2009

On January 26, 2009 Council passed Bylaw 2008-15 - a bylaw to create three new zones within Takhini North that will be applied to new development. Following public input from both residents and City Council the new zones - called Comprehensive Development Zones - will help govern the look and feel of new development within Takhini North. The new zoning will implement design guidelines that have been produced in consultation with the public.

Bylaw 2008-15 - Takhini North Zoning
Appendix A - Map Showing New Zoning

Final Concept - April 2008

Download the Final Concept 

The Final Concept represents the compilation of all of the work to date. You can learn more about the concept by downloading the following documents:

Summary of Changes from March to April 2008
Explanation of "Shared Streets" 
Final concept with new lots drawn on satellite image

2006-2008 Planning Process

1. September 2006 - Community BBQ

2. December 2006 - Information session

3. May 2007 - Two-part design charrette

4. October 2007 - Presentation of amalgamated charrette concept

5. March 2008 - Presentation of refined concepts

6. April 2008 - Final Concept Open House

7. September 2008 - Draft Design Guidelines and Zoning

8. January 2009 - Takhini North Zoning Public Hearing
Planning Process - 2003-2004

In 2003, the City contracted Inukshuk Planning & Development and sub-consultants to provide a design concept for infrastructure replacement and future development in Takhini North. The Planning process was put on hold in 2004 due to the projected costs of infrastructure. A federal funding application was made, and funding was announced in the spring of 2006.

A number of planning concepts and progress reports were generated during the former planning process and are still available as PDF documents.

Newsletter #1 
Visioning Workshop Info 
Newsletter #2 
Charrette Info Package 
Newsletter #3 
Newsletter #4 
Preliminary Concepts 
Comment Sheet