Downtown Parking Management Plan

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Downtown Parking Management Plan Update - RFP Released

On September 29, 2017 the City released a Request for Proposals to complete a review and update to the 2011 Downtown Parking Management Plan. Interested consultants can find relevant background reports here.

Downtown Parking Management Plan  

The Whitehorse Downtown Parking Management Plan was adopted by City Council on May 24, 2011. Starting in early 2010, the City undertook an extensive process to develop the plan which included a detailed street inventory, questionnaire, and several public meetings. The City extends a big thank you! to everyone for their participation in this process. The City is now working to implement this 10-year plan.

The Vision 

The Downtown Parking Advisory Committee adopted the following vision for the plan: "The Downtown Parking Management Plan will result in more efficient use of parking resources and reduced parking demand while enhancing the liveability and vitality of the downtown core at present and into the future."

Background and Goals

Whitehorse residents voiced their concerns regarding lack of parking in the Downtown Core, as well as improper parking management. The City hired Boulevard Transportation Group to develop a plan to address these concerns. The goal of the plan is to better manage existing parking resources while enhancing the liveability and vitality of the Downtown. The plan contains recommendations that can be implemented by the City to ensure parking is managed effectively for residents, business owners, visitors, and employees, while also encouraging a more sustainable community (i.e. exploring alternative transport options such as walking, biking and taking transit).


The plan contains short, medium and long term recommendations that will be implemented over the next 10 years. Stay tuned for updates as the plan is implemented!


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