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Currently Ongoing

The City recently hired WSP to undertake planning and pre-design work for the Future Areas of Whistle Bend.  This includes the central core, the 'fin', and the Ta'an Kwach'an parcel and surrounding area.  The contract with WSP also includes concept design and consultation on the Town Square.

Imagining our Town Square

How can we design a Town Square which balances public values, livability aspirations of functionality and inclusion, and reflects the uniqueness of Whistle Bend and Whitehorse?


Whistle Bend planning and design is progressing with this current Phase to include the design of a town square at the heart of Whistle Bend.  Town squares are important feature of a vibrant community and this is a unique opportunity for Whitehorse.  Whistle Bend’s town square will be the heart of Whistle Bend and the pride of all Whitehorse residents

Engagement Phases

Completion of the Pre-Design Report - Seek TKC and stakeholder input and involvement into the design concepts for the future areas.

Town Square Chapter 1 - “Laying the foundation: our shared Whistle Bend story and understanding the Town Square opportunity”


TED"ish" Talk - What makes a Town Square Awesome?

  • Learn about town squares and get excited for this opportunity to plan public spaces in Whistle Bend
  • Join us at Baked Café - Wednesday, May 16th - 7 to 9 pm

Town Square Chapter 2 - "Our path forward: envision our Town Square"


Town Square World Café

  • Share key design considerations and vision elements for the Town Square
  • Join us at Mountain View Golf Course - Thursday, May 17th - 7 to 9 pm

Town Square Pop-Ups

  • Share key design considerations and vision elements for the Town Square
  • Join us at various locations around the neighbourhood and at City venues throughout the project phase

Town Square Chapter 3 - "Tradeoffs and preferences: evaluating design options"


Pop-Ups and Online Surveys

  • Evaluate design options
  • To be determined!

Why Engagement Matters

It is important to the City that the planning work for the future areas as well as the planning and design of the town square plan considers their aspirations, needs, and expectations because we know citizens have a strong connection to their community.

The planning process will ensure TKC’s hopes and aspirations for their lands are considered in the overall planning vision.  The planning process will also provide opportunities for both Whistle Bend residents and Whitehorse citizens to ensure their hopes and aspirations are considered in the overall planning vision.


Kinden Kosick, MCIP, RPP 

Planner 2, City of Whitehorse


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