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Draft 2: Schwatka Lake Area Plan

Draft 2 of the Schwatka Lake Area Plan is now available for viewing:

The Area Plan focusses on aviation, recreation, environmental protection, and other land uses and activities on the lake’s western shore. It provides 37 recommendations for infrastructure and management improvements, which have been developed through an extensive consultation process. Opportunities for public input have included 2 workshops, 2 online surveys, and a 3-month comment period on Draft 1. 

Draft 2 will be introduced to City Council on Monday, March 2, and considered for adoption on Monday, March 9. Council meetings begin at 5:30 pm at City Hall. To speak as a delegate, please register by calling 668-8622 before noon on the day of the meeting or send an email to

For inquiries on Draft 2, contact Erica Beasley, Planner at 668-8600 or

Draft 1: Schwatka Lake Area Plan

Draft 1 of the Schwatka Lake Area Plan was released on June 6, 2014 and a public comment period was held until September 1, 2014. Forty-seven input submissions were received. The input was reviewed by the project consultant (Urban Systems Ltd.), City Administration, and City Council. The Draft has since been revised.  

Planning Process

The consulting services of Urban Systems Ltd. were commissioned in July 2013 to deliver a public consultation process that will help to:

  • Assess the regulatory framework for aviation and marine uses on Schwatka Lake;
  • Generate recommendations for improved area-management;
  • Develop a long term vision for the lake and lands adjacent to the lake’s west shore;
  • Explore the potential for expanding aviation and marine uses; and
  • Potentially identify new land and recreational uses.


  • August – September (2013): Background research, case studies, stakeholder interviews 
  • October: Online Survey #1: Lake Use and Vision
  • November 7: Public and Stakeholder Workshop #1: Assets and Challenges 
  • February (2014): Online Survey #2: Planning Options 
  • February 25: Public and Stakeholder Workshop #2: Planning Options
  • March – May: Develop Draft 1 of the Area Plan 
  • May 21: Meeting with City Council and Senior Management (CASM) to review Draft 1
  • June 6: Release of Draft 1 and start of public comment period
  • June 26: Open house
  • September 1: End of public comment period
  • September - February (2015): Review of public input and revisions to Draft 1 
  • February 16: Release of Draft 2 online
  • March 2: Submit Draft 2 to City Council for consideration
  • March 9: Potential adoption of Draft 2 by City Council 

Consultation Resources

Other Resources

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