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Remain Bear Aware This Fall

Public Service Announcement

Post Date:10/16/2017

Whitehorse – Residents are reminded to properly manage garbage and other household wildlife attractants this fall, so that bears and other wildlife aren’t easily tempted to access residential neighbourhoods and personal property. Bears can be active into November and are busy bulking up for the winter.

Manage household waste by: 

  • Keeping waste, organics and recyclables stored in a shed, garage or behind a fenced portion of your property;
  • Putting waste, organics and blue boxes out on the curb the morning of collection; and
  • Bringing your carts back to a secured location as soon as possible after collection, as they will continue to smell and attract animals.

Other household attractant management includes:

  • Harvesting food from fruit trees, shrubs and gardens;
  • Maintaining backyard composters and ensuring to keep meat out;
  • Removing pet toys, bones and feces from your yard;
  • Making sure that hunting waste is not accessible to wildlife;
  • Cleaning BBQ grease traps and grills after every use and keeping them secure; 
  • Locking all outdoor freezers;
  • Storing all oil, gas and chemical products inside a locked structure; and
  • Maintaining electric fences around livestock (poultry) into the winter.

Remember to report bear sightings in residential neighbourhoods to Yukon Government Conservation Officers using the TIPP line at 1-800-661-0525.

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Jackie Taylor
Environmental Coordinator
City of Whitehorse 

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