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Taxi Safety Matters

Public Service Announcement

Post Date:12/14/2017

Whitehorse – Bylaw Services would like to remind Whitehorse residents and visitors to our city that when using a taxi, you are entitled to a trip with a driver who doesn’t use obscene, disrespectful or abusive language.

All taxis must have a security camera mounted and working at all times while in operation. Taxi companies must keep images for 72 hours so if an incident does happen, please notify authorities right away.

In the past six months, seven drivers have been fined $100 each for failing to comply with the security camera provisions of the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw.

Penalties increase significantly on second ($250) and third ($2,500) offence. 

Bylaw Services is committed to working with local vehicle for hire companies, as well as stakeholders, to improve safety in taxis. 

For more information on your rights and how to report an offence, visit

If you believe an offence has been committed, call Bylaw Services at 668-8317 or the 24-hour city trouble line at 667-2111. To assist Bylaw Services, the following information should be provided:

  • Driver’s permit number
  • Vehicle number or description
  • What happened and where



Myles Dolphin, A/Manager Strategic Communications or 867-689-0515