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The City of Whitehorse strives to provide information to members of the media in a timely fashion that respects the print, radio and television deadlines.

For media inquiries please contact (867) 689-2848 or email 

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Help City Crews Stay Safe On The Roads

Public Service Announcement

Post Date:03/23/2018

Whitehorse – City staff working on our roads wish to request the consideration of citizens and visitors travelling by motor vehicle, bicycle or on foot near controlled work zones and road maintenance operations. Please adhere to the direction provided by temporary or permanent traffic control devices as well as traffic control personnel.

Safety requirements include:   

  • Maintaining a safe distance from mobile equipment working – staying back 15 metres
  • Adhering to posted speed limits, detours and other applicable posted directions
  • Not interfering with traffic control devices, or moving signs or barricades
  • Taking an alternate route if possible
  • Stopping and allowing emergency vehicles to pass safely when you hear sirens
  • Yielding to buses if you see them signalling to come onto the roadway

Controlled work zones and traffic rules are designed to protect the well-being of City crews, as well as ensuring the public’s safety while our work is being performed.

In the event of non-compliance with directions specified at designated zones, the RCMP will be contacted and any applicable vehicle and driver descriptions will be provided.

For more information on observing the rules of the road, please refer to the Motor Vehicle Act, Part 11, Section 134 at

If you have any concerns with a situation you encounter on a public roadway, please contact the applicable Department and provide the location and full circumstances of the matter. Always call 911 in case of emergency.




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