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The City of Whitehorse strives to provide information to members of the media in a timely fashion that respects the print, radio and television deadlines.

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Winter Commuting Safety

Public Service Announcement

Post Date:10/29/2018

Whitehorse – The peak morning and evening commuting periods are now in darkness. We can all do our part to promote safe travel on City streets. Visibility, alertness, and communication between drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists are important for safe and active winter commuting.

Active commuters are encouraged to dress in high visibility clothing and use adequate lights and reflectors. Only proceed into the intersection once you are confident the driver has seen you.

Drivers should be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, particularly children, using streets and intersections. Please remember you will need extra braking and stopping time due to ice, snow and weather changes. This can also cause more slipping and sliding to happen unexpectedly. Drivers can also do their part by travelling within the speed limits, yielding to pedestrians, and respecting cyclists’ right to use the roadway.

Mutual respect by all users will help build safer streets.

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