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Pilot Program Becomes Mandated For All Food-Service Businesses

Press Release

Post Date:02/08/2019

WHITEHORSE – This year marks the launch of the commercial organics collection program. This Citywide program, which began as a pilot project in 2014, has become mandatory for all food-service businesses and food-producing institutions and organizations.

Enrollment in the program is being phased in through three zones beginning with peripheral food-service businesses and organizations, and ending with the downtown core in June 2019.

The City of Whitehorse’s goal is to achieve 50% diversion of solid waste from the landfill. Organics are 23% of our waste stream by weight, according to the 2018 Whitehorse Waste Composition Study. By diverting organics to our compost facility, we extend the life of our landfill.


  • In March 2018, Whitehorse City Council passed the Waste Management Bylaw, which required Food Service Businesses and Multi-Family Dwellings to have collection service for organic waste.
  • Over 100 Whitehorse businesses have participated in the pilot project since it was introduced in 2013-14.
  • When organics decompose in our landfill, they produce methane gas and leachate. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and leachate is a toxic sludge that can contaminate our groundwater. Without composting, Whitehorse’s organics would have a climate impact equivalent to that of about 25 Canada Games Centres.
  • Organic waste diverted to Green Carts is turned into valuable, high-quality compost at the City’s facility.
  • Do not put plastic in your green cart. It reduces the quality of our compost. Use compostable products, which are identified by these logos:
US composting council bag label    Compost bag label


For more information on the City of Whitehorse’s waste management through organic separation, visit  

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Sarah Preiksaitis
Environmental Coordinator 

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