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The City of Whitehorse strives to provide information to members of the media in a timely fashion that respects the print, radio and television deadlines.

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Traffic and Street Sign Committee Submissions

Public Service Announcement

Post Date:11/12/2019

Whitehorse – The Traffic and Street Sign Committee has launched an online form to help residents submit their traffic safety concerns.

The Committee is a technical working group of the City of Whitehorse and is comprised of representatives from the City, the Yukon Government and the RCMP.

Once a month, the Committee meets to address Whitehorse traffic safety concerns and provide solutions and/or recommendations that contribute to the safe and efficient flow of traffic. This includes the movement of pedestrians, cyclists, transit, emergency vehicles, commercial vehicles and private vehicles.

Examples of submission types discussed by the Committee include: 

  • Requesting on-street parking changes;
  • Requesting a new sign or replacement of a sign that has gone missing;
  • Requesting a cross-walk;
  • Improving safety for pedestrians/cycling;
  • Adjusting traffic light timing to accommodate left turns, rights turns, and pedestrian/cycling crossing times;
  • Traffic calming measures.

Providing detailed and specific information helps the Committee better understand each request.

The Committee receives many submissions regarding speeding. The RCMP should be your first point of contact as they handle all speeding enforcement and violation matters.

To submit your traffic control request, visit


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