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New Tools Help Businesses Sort Waste

Press Release

Post Date:12/03/2019

Whitehorse – The City of Whitehorse is launching a new education campaign to help business owners sort their waste before it is brought to the Waste Management Facility (landfill). The Waste Management Bylaw (WMB) requires separation of a variety of materials for recycling, composting, and special handling—and higher fees are charged for unsorted waste. Now, the City is introducing new tools—a waste sorting guide, bin stickers, utility bill inserts and social media posts—to help businesses sort their waste with ease and efficiency.

Business owners will receive the new Waste Sorting Guide in the mail. A series of three dumpster stickers are available to print as-needed. Handy utility bill mail-outs encourage good practices, like securing your dumpster with a gravity lock. Social media posts help answer questions about the most confusing items.

The new Waste Sorting Guide offers comprehensive details on what materials require sorting and where they go. In summary, the following items must be separated from regular garbage: cardboard, organics, bulky items (like furniture), large appliances, metals, tires, clean wood, construction and demolition waste, as well as items like concrete, asbestos and animal carcasses. Hazardous waste and almost all electronic waste are not accepted at the Landfill and require special disposal.

It saves to sort. By sorting waste, businesses avoid additional fees. Waste loads coming into the Landfill are now inspected by a Compliance Officer. Loads with over 10% contamination trigger additional fees ($275 per tonne, up from the normal $108 per tonne, or $50 or more per banned item). A full list of up-to-date Tipping Fees is available at

“Diverting materials from the landfill is beneficial on many levels,” says Mayor Dan Curtis. “It reduces pollution, curbs greenhouse gases, and extends the life of our landfill, but also allows us to recycle valuable materials and produce our high-quality garden compost.”


Additional info:

  • When organics are mixed with general waste at the landfill, they produce methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas, and leachate, a toxic sludge that contaminates our watershed.
  • Organics are turned into valuable, high-quality garden compost at the City’s facility.
  • The Solid Waste Action Plan describes the City’s goals of 50% diversion of waste by 2020.
  • Gravity Locks: Try gravity locks on your bins to prevent illegal dumping and the resulting unsorted load fees. Gravity locks stay locked but allow the lid to open when tilted upside down by the disposal truck.



Katharine Sandiford
Environmental Coordinator
(867) 689-2325

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