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Protect Your Property From Flooding

Post Date:03/08/2021 9:49 AM

Whitehorse – The City of Whitehorse is reminding residents to take steps to ensure their properties are protected from snowmelt flooding.

Whitehorse has seen a record amount of snow this winter and as the daily temperatures continue to rise, some properties may be at risk of flooding as the snow melts.

Follow these steps to reduce the risk of flooding on your property:

  • Remove snow to direct melt water away from your home’s foundation and window wells.
  • Place snow piles downhill from buildings and in areas with good drainage.
  • Remove snow that may trap snowmelt and provide a route for drainage away from buildings.
  • Ensure downspouts are free of obstructions and pointed away from buildings.

If your property has a history of drainage issues, then having sandbags and a small pump are useful tools to help prevent flood damage. Consider hiring a professional to remove snow from your roof or to haul snow away from your property, to an authorized snow dumping area.

When clearing snow and ice, place the snow at the curb edge or on your property; do not move it onto roadways, sidewalks and properties other than your own. Also, do not place snow against fire hydrants, utility boxes and road signage.

It’s important that snow is not piled over storm drains as this can prevent drainage.

In the event of drainage issues on City of Whitehorse property, please call:

  • Water and Waste at 668-8350 for urgent issues related to frozen storm drains.
  • Operations at 668-8345 for urgent issues related to a blocked ditch or drainage course that may affect private property.
  • Engineering at 668-8305 for non-urgent drainage-related advice.