City of Whitehorse Plans

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Find out more about various plans and strategies adopted by City Council through a range of City Departments.  

City plans


Corporate Plans

Official Community Plan (OCP)

A land use document which provides a vision for the physical layout of the City of Whitehorse.

Strategic Plan

A plan developed with and for the community helping to identify the Council's priorities during their 3 year term.

Sustainability Plan

A plan that provides a long term vision and 12 sustainable goals for our community.

City-Wide Plans & Strategies

Bicycle Network Plan

A plan that provides a long term vision for cycling, increased transportation choices in the city and to encourage a higher percentage of residents to use a bicycle for transportation. 

City-Wide Transportation Study

A document commissioned in 2002 supporting the City’s Official Community Plan. 

Community Economic Development Strategy

A strategy for growing and diversifying Whitehorse's economy guided by 6 goals for our community.

Emergency Master Plan

A guiding document to provide the earliest possible coordinated response in order to protect the community.

Energy Management Plan

A roadmap for achieving significant energy and cost reductions and improving the overall energy management of City facilities.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

A plan to ensure accessible and quality year-round indoor and outdoor active living opportunities that foster wellness, inclusiveness and sustainability. 

Public Safety Protection Plan

A plan designed to provide guidance to the Emergency Operations Centre personnel, Mayor and Council where circumstances indicate that actions may be required to protect the life and health of residents and visitors. This document includes evacuation routes.

Regional Parks Plan

A plan which sets the tone and direction to Whitehorse's Regional Parks system. 

Safe at Home

A community-based action plan to end and prevent homelessness. 

Servicing Standards Manual

An Engineering document outlining procedures, construction design criteria, construction standards and standard detail drawings. 

Solid Waste Action Plan

The 2013 Solid Waste Action Plan (SWAP), adopted in August 2013, laid out a path for the City to achieve 50% waste diversion by 2015. 

Trail Plan

The City of Whitehorse Trail Plan 2020 was adopted by City Council in December 2020. The Trail Plan identifies priorities to direct the City in future trails-related initiatives, policies and actions over the next 10 years

Transit Master Plan

A plan to encourage active transportation and provide multi-modal travel options.

Transportation Demand Management Plan

A plan to more efficiently use transportation resources by 2036.

Watershed Management Plan

The 2004 Watershed Management Plan was intended to set the direction for managing the City of Whitehorse source water areas for the long-term protection of source water quality.

Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy

The Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy aims to reduce wildfire risk within the City of Whitehorse, through a 4-year action plan.

Yukon River Corridor Plan

The 1999 Yukon River Corridor Plan included policies designed to guide City Council and government agencies in future decisions on land use and land disposition in the river corridor area. 

Neighbourhood/Area Plans

Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan

The 2017 plan outlines 26 initiatives to protect Chadburn Lake Park and guide future development over the next 10 years.

Downtown Parking Management Plan

A plan to more efficiently use parking resources and reduce parking demand while enhancing the livability and vitality of the downtown into the future.

Downtown Plan

A plan to implement 9 'big actions' for change and renewal in Downtown over a 10-year horizon.

Downtown South Master Plan

A plan that sets out a 20 year vision for revitalization in the area located south of Lambert Street, between Second Avenue and the escarpment. 

Hillcrest Neighbourhood Plan

A plan to serve as a roadmap for change and renewal over the next two decades providing clarity and direction for the planning and development of Hillcrest. 

Marwell Plan

A  plan focused on implementing 5 'big actions' for Marwell over a 10-year horizon.

Range Point Neighbourhood Plan

A long-term plan to guide change and renewal in Range Point centered on enhancing connectivity to the rest of the city and fostering neighbourhood identity.

Schwatka Lake Area Plan

In 2015, City Council adopted the Schwatka Lake Area Plan as a guiding document for aviation, recreation, conservation, and other land uses and activities on the west shore of Schwatka Lake.

Whistle Bend Master Plan

The Whistle Bend Master Plan concept was approved by City Council on February 23rd, 2009. Whistle Bend remains the primary development area within the City of Whitehorse.

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