Exotic Animals

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Definition of Exotic Animal

“EXOTIC ANIMAL” means an animal of a species or type that is not indigenous to the Yukon and that in its natural habitat is usually found wild in nature.

The Animal Control Bylaw states the following about Exotic Animals:

134. Every owner of an exotic animal shall register their animal with the City by providing the following information for each exotic animal that is under their care:

  1. Name, street address, postal code and telephone number of the owner;
  2. Name and description of the exotic animal; and
  3. Such other information as may be required by the City.

135. The Manager of Bylaw Services shall, within 30 days of registration, deliver in writing to the registered owner of an exotic animal any conditions that the Manager of Bylaw Services deems necessary for the proper care and maintenance of the exotic animal. Failure by any person to comply with the conditions placed on them pursuant to this section is an offence.

If you have any questions please contact Bylaw Services.