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The Street Sign and Traffic Committee is a technical working group of the City of Whitehorse, comprised of subject matter experts and management representatives from various City of Whitehorse and Yukon Government departments, and the RCMP.

The Committee addresses Whitehorse traffic safety concerns and provides solutions and/or recommendations that contribute to the safe, smooth and efficient traffic flow for all modes of transportation, while adhering to national safety measures. This includes the movement of pedestrians, cyclists, transit, emergency vehicles, commercial vehicles and private vehicles.

The public, stakeholders and all levels of government may submit traffic related requests using the on-line submission form. The Committee meets once a month to review submissions and relevant information including such things as traffic count data, collision statistics, parking demand, ticketing statistics, traffic calming measures, current traffic control devices (e.g. signs and traffic lights), transit stop locations, land use, and previous submissions regarding the same concern. In some cases, additional work is required after the Committee meeting to gather additional information such as a site visit, site-lines and warrant analyses (pedestrian, cycling, and traffic flow statistics/observations), and traffic count data.

Examples of submission types discussed by the Committee include:

  1. Requesting on-street parking changes
    • New accessible parking spot
    • Loading zone
    • Changing the parking time-limits to encourage parking turn-over
    • Removing parking
  2. Requesting a new sign or replacement of a sign that has gone missing
  3. Requesting a cross-walk
  4. Improving safety for pedestrians/cycling
  5. Adjusting traffic light timing to accommodate left turns, rights turns, and pedestrian/cycling crossing times
  6. Traffic calming measures

The more specific and detailed the information is that you provide, the better the Committee is able to understand your request.

The Committee receives many submissions regarding speeding. The RCMP should be your first point of contact as they handle all speeding enforcement and violation matters.


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Once the application is submitted through the City of Whitehorse website, it will be placed on the next Street Sign and Traffic Committee (the Committee) agenda.

The Committee meets once a month, at which time your request will be reviewed. After the matter has been reviewed a formal response will be provided to you from the Committee Chair. The process of reviewing items takes time, and is dependent upon the complexity of the request, timing of meetings and availability of resources. A typical response time is approximately 6 weeks. 

When an email address has been provided applicants will be notified by email once their request is received.

The City of Whitehorse is committed to ensure safer communities and therefore we thank you for bringing forward your concern with the City of Whitehorse.


Do you have any questions or difficulty filling out this form?

Please contact the City of Whitehorse Street Sign & Traffic Committee at 668-8386. 

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