Fox Triathletes

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Fox: 11-14 years old


To help you along we've create a little video to demonstrate the exercises.

Complete 1 set (or as many as you like) of all 11 exercises completing 11 repetitions for each exercise. Some exercises you have to do 11 per leg which equals 22.

One Foot Hops  (Balance) - 11 times per leg
Balance on one foot, hopping up and down 8 times. Switch Legs.

Star Jumps  (Core, Coordination-Locomotion) - 11 times
Jump up as high as you can opening your legs out to the side and your arms up and out to the side at the same time!

Fox Walk (Core, Coordination-Locomotion) - 11 times
Hands and feet- no knees- Walk forward counting to 11.

Crab Walk  (Core, Coordination-Locomotion) - 11 times
Sitting on floor with your feet out in front of you, hip width apart. Plant your hands and feet so hips are raised. Then begin to walk counting to 11. 

Fox Roll  (Core, Strength, Stability) - 11 times
Hands above your head, legs together, toes pointed- roll 11 times into the Rabbit Hole. How many reps can you do?

Squats (Core, Strength, Stability) - 11 times
With feet shoulder width apart, crouch down with your knees bend like you are pretending to sit in a short chair. Stand up tall and do it again 11 times.  

Lunging Fox (Core, Strength- Locomotion) - 11 times
Lunge forward with one foot, make sure to keep knee in line with ankle. Slowly squat down, gently touching back knee to ground, and slowly raising body back to standing. Repeat with opposite leg in front.

Mountain Climbers (Core, Strength- Locomotion) - 11 times
On the floor go to plank position by putting your hands flat on the floor, hands shoulder-width apart, arms straight and back flat. Pretending like you are climbing a mountain switching one foot at a time.

Fox Hops (Core, Strength, Stability) - 11 times
Standing with both feet together, crouch down and swing both arms back, then vigorously forward and upwards push off from toes in take-off. Bend your knees when landing. Hop forward 11 times.

Burpees (Core, Strength – Locomotion) - 11 times
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your side, crouch down with knees bent and place your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Hop your feet back so your body is in a plank position, then hop your feet forward beside your hands. Explode upwards, reaching your arms up into the sky. Try to do 11.

Knee Tuck Jumps - 11 times
In standing position, bend your knees and hold your hands out at chest level. Lower your body into a crouching position then explode upwards bringing your knees up towards your chest. Can you do 11 without stopping?



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