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Agent Gold Leader is looking for new recruits. 

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This is an online adaption from our NEST Spy Academy program offered through the City of Whitehorse's Active Living Guide.  It is self directed and can be done anytime.  New assignments will be loaded on Thursdays.  
Program Goals:
  • For participants aged 8 - 14 years old to have fun and play pretend secret agents in this recreational program with hands-on activities
  • Participants follow the instructions in the specific program videos and work within a team to solve puzzles and develop their spy skills
  • Participants immerse in engaging fictional "missions" and learn how to decode and practice observational skills
Program Activities:
  • Codebreaking messages
  • Puzzles and riddles
  • Spy skills (i.e. base building and maneuvering obstacle courses)

Please contact our Child & Youth Coordinator of you have any further questions about this program at youth@whitehorse.ca