New Red Cross Swim Program

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Starting March 25, 2019, the City of Whitehorse is offering learn to swim lessons through the Red Cross. Red Cross is the leading service provider of Swimming Lessons and Water Safety Instruction across Canada and we are excited to partner with them, to offer Red Cross Swim.


What Swimming Lesson Should I Register In?

See our conversion chart below to determine which Red Cross Swim Preschool Program or Red Cross Swim Kids Program best matches your child's ability. If you are still unsure which level to register your child in please contact us at prior to registering.

 Red Cross Swim Preschool Programs
 Ages 4 months - 6 years
 Ages 4 - 12 months register in  Starfish 
 Ages 12 - 24 months register in  Duck
 Ages 2 - 3 years register in  Sea Turtle
 Age 3 - 5 years register in   Sea Otter
 Completed Splashers register in   Salamander 
 Completed Floaters register in   Sunfish 
 Completed Gliders register in   Crocodile 
 Completed Paddlers register in   Whale 
 Red Cross Swim Kids Programs
 Ages 6 - 12 years
 New to lessons  register in  Swim Kids 1
 Completed Paddlers or   
 Currently in ICS Stage 1
 register in  Swim Kids 2

 Completed Divers,
Completed ICS Stage 1 or   
 New to ICS Stage 2

 register in  Swim Kids 3/4

 Currently in ICS Stage 2*
*taken Stage 2 a minimum of 3 times

 register in  Swim Kids 5/6
 Completed ICS Stage 2 or   Currently in ICS Stage 3   register in  Swim Kids 7-10


If there is a discrepancy between this chart and an instructors recommendation, please follow the instructor's recommendation, as they are able to provide a more accurate skill level evaluation.


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For more information about the Red Cross Swim program visit:

Where to View and Register for Swim Programs
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