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Party Time Options: Saturdays & Sundays

Room & Fieldhouse: $97.85
2 hours in a party room
1 hour in 1/3 of the Fieldhouse
Activity options: Families on the Move (all ages) or Battlefield* (age 8+)

Room & Flexihall: $97.85
2 hours in a party room
1 hour in 1/3 of the Flexihall
Activity options: Families on the Move (all ages) or Wheelies (all ages) 

Room Only: $47.25 
2 hours in a party room
Please note: There is no additional set up or activity option included with this package.

Activity Options Include:

Families on the Move: Assortment of active play toys, including balls, hula hoops, rings, pylons

Wheelies: An assortment of plasma cars and flat scooters, pylons, and a bag of dodge balls

Battlefield*: Bunkers, pool noodle swords, shields, and a bag of dodgeballs
*Nerf style guns, bullets or discs not provided.

Please note: The amount of equipment provided is adjusted to meet the size of booked party.



Please review these guidelines to make your experience safe and enjoyable:

  • Room includes tables and chairs for up to 20 people.
  • Guests are only permitted in activity areas for the time indicated.
  • Staff will ensure your room is ready and activity area is set up.
  • Facilitation of games as well as all clean up is the responsibility of the renter.
  • Ensure all decorations, items brought, and trash are put in waste sorting stations or removed.
  • Renter is responsible for any costs to clean and repair facility if not left in the same condition as entered.
  • Outdoor footwear, food and drinks are not permitted in the Fieldhouse or Flexihall.
  • Adult chaperones are required to supervise at all times. See our age access guidelines.
  • Cancellation fees apply.

Book online through PLAY: 

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Custom Party Invitation

Printable Birthday Party Invitations: great if you want to print your invites to hand out or mail out (two per page) 

Web E-Vites: great if you would rather email your invites as an attachment (one per page)


Contact the booking clerk for bookings outside of Saturdays and Sundays or for alternate set-ups.