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Saturday and Sunday Party Options

Room & Flexihal: 2 Hours $84.87
Combine a party room and 1/3 of the Flexihall for a complete party package. Rental includes 2 hours in one of our party rooms and 1 hour in 1/3 of the Flexihall. Choose from any of the following activities: Families on the Move, Wheelie, Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Badminton, Pickleball, Soccer, or Battlefield.

Room-Only Party: 2 Hours $43.20 
Rent one of our party rooms for 2 hours to host your next birthday party or gathering. Choose from the Pool Party Room (max. 20 people), Green Room (max. 20 people) or Meeting Room (max.40 people).


Please review these guidelines to make your experience safe and enjoyable:

  • Room includes tables and chairs.
  • Guests are only permitted in activity areas for the time indicated.
  • Staff will ensure your room is ready and activity area is set up.
  • Facilitation of games as well as all clean up is the responsibility of the parent.
  • Ensure all decorations or items brought, along with trash are put in waste sorting station or removed.
  • Outdoor footwear, food and drinks are not permitted in the Flexihall.
  • Adult chaperones are required to supervise at all times. 

If your groups joins a public drop-in area, wristbands are required for each participant, including any adult chaperones. All facility rules and drop-in guidelines apply.

Pool Ratio:
Age 3- 6: 1 Adult within arms reach for every 3 Children
Ages 7- 9: 1 Adult for every 8 Children 
Ages 10+: 1 Adult for every 12 Children

Party Activity Options:

Families on the Move Package: Ages 6 years old and younger
Includes assortment of age-appropriate toys such as parachutes, assorted balls (dodgeballs, soccer balls, football, etc.), yoga balls, hula-hoops, tunnels, rings, assorted pylons, scoop catchers, whiffle balls,  stepping stones.  

Wheelie Package: Ages 3-10 years old. 
Includes: 8 plasma cars, 20 assorted pylons, 6 flat scooters with attached ropes, bag of dodgeballs.

Volleyball Package: Ages 8 years old and up. 
Includes: 4 volleyballs and one net, set to desired height between 7 and 8 ft.

Basketball Package: Ages 8 years old and up.  
Includes: 2 mini hoops (4 ft. tall) or 2 standard hoops (10 ft. tall), 5 basketballs, 20 assorted pylons, 12 Pinnies.

Floor Hockey Package:  Ages 8 years old and up.   
Includes: 2 hockey nets, Goalie gear, 12 Hockey sticks (including goalie sticks), 12 whiffle balls, 12 Pinnies.

Badminton Package: Ages 8 years old and up.  
Includes: 2 badminton nets, 8 badminton racquets, 6 badminton birdies.

Pickleball Package: Ages 8 years old and up.   
Includes: 2 pickle ball nets, 8 pickle ball racquets, 6 whiffle balls.

Soccer Package: Ages 8 years old and up.  
Includes: 6 soccer balls, 2 nets, 20 assorted pylons, 12 Pinnies.

Battlefield Package: TAges 8 years old and up.  
Includes: 6 Bunkers, Shields, Pool noodle swords, Bag of dodgeballs.

*If you would like to book facilities or equipment not included in these party options, contact

Book online through PLAY. 

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Contact the booking clerk for bookings outside of Saturdays and Sundays or for alternate set-ups.