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Background of the Strategy

The goal of CED is not simply to generate wealth but create a “prosperous” community that is rich in culture, heritage, and is filled with happy and healthy people. 

In the past few years, the City of Whitehorse has had a limited role in fostering economic development in the City. However, it has become increasingly apparent that community-level activities that support our economy and promote a vibrant community are an important part of our role as a municipal government.

City Council recognized this gap, and in spring 2014, made a commitment to community economic development (CED) by hiring an Economic Development Coordinator, a new position at the City. Concurrently, the City committed to developing a Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) to focus City efforts. The goal of CED is not simply to generate wealth but create a “prosperous” community that is rich in culture, heritage and is filled with happy and healthy people.

The purpose of the CEDS is to focus City efforts in facilitating community economic development. The City wishes to maximize stakeholder involvement throughout the process to build partnerships and establish relationships. The process is designed to generate a high degree of stakeholder involvement, and the intention is that involvement in the process of creating the strategy will be only the beginning of lasting relationships with community stakeholders.

Who are the stakeholders?

Everyone has a stake in Community Economic Development! Residents, small businesses, large businesses, non-profits, First Nations, all orders of government, all share a common goal of creating a community of happy, healthy people. That means that everyone’s contribution is an important part of the development of the CEDS. 

Background Documents

2010 Official Community Plan

2009 Community Economic Development Strategy

2009 Economic Development Charrette Final Report

2008 Strategic Sustainability Plan