Resource Development Preparedness Strategy

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Resource Development projects are a large contributor to the Yukon economy. Mining projects large and small across the territory provide employment, income and lifestyle opportunities for all types of residents and non-residents.
However, resource development spending and projects are cyclical and often exist in a state of fluctuation based on the demand from global markets. For this reason, the City of Whitehorse decided to study the last resource development cycle (2008-12) in order to better understand how to both prepare for opportunities from resource development, as well as mitigate any externalities associated with influxes of resource investment.

Resource Development Strategy 

With the guiding philosophy of maximizing local benefit from resource development, the City of Whitehorse set out to find out how it could better support its residents in capitalizing on resource development opportunities. Though it may not be immediately clear how the City does this, things like infrastructure, housing, taxes, labour-force, recreation services etc. all have a vital link to maximizing the benefit of resource spending.
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