Downtown Speed Reductions

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The City is lowering speed limits in the Downtown core.


As of Monday, August 23, 2021, the speed limits on all downtown Whitehorse streets will be 40 km/h. Speed limits in school and playground zones will remain unchanged at 30 km/h.

Existing school and playground zones will be retained at 30 km/h.

As a part of the Safe Speeds Downtown initiative in 2020, Mayor and Council explored the potential of speed limit reductions as a means to improving general road safety in the Downtown core. This was driven by general road safety concerns in the Downtown core, particularly along 2nd Avenue, and reccomendations of the 2nd Avenue Corridor Study (2020) and the Memorandum on Safety Interventions and Downtown Speed Reductions (2020).

As part of the proposed speed limit changes, an extensive communications campaign will be launched to educate and inform the public about the proposed changes. 

Note: As part of the Safe Speeds Downtown, Mayor and Council explored developing a 40 km/h and 30 km/h hybrid approach. Since then, the scope of implementation has been changed to 40 km/h.


Downtown Speed Limits Map

Project Timeline

August 10-23, 2021 Pre-changes communications campaign regarding speed limit changes
August 23, 2021 New Downtown speed limits effective
August 23, 2021 to September 6, 2021 Post-changes communications campaign regarding speed limit changes


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Project Manager
Stefan Baer, E.I.T.
Transportation Engineer-in-Training | Engineering Services | City of Whitehorse
+1 (867) 689 4776 | email 

Communications Lead, City Spokesperson, Media Inquiries
Myles Dolphin
Manager | Strategic Communications | City of Whitehorse
+1 (867) 689 0515 | email

Project Support
Taylor Eshpeter, P.Eng
Manager | Engineering Services | City of Whitehorse
+1 (867) 689 2143 | email

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  • I frequently walk in Downtown. How will this impact walking?

  • Will this result in more congestion (lower traffic flow)?

  • Does changing speed limits actually help road safety?

  • What about other road safety issues: aggressive driving, red-light running, jaywalking, etc.?

  • What are the experiences of other cities with regards to speed limit reductions?

  • Why are changes in speed limits only being considered for Downtown and not being considered for other areas of the City?

  • Why is the City considering changing speed limits in Downtown?

  • Why is the City not considering retaining and enforcing existing speed limits?