Local Improvement Projects

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Local Improvement Process 

The upgrade of municipal infrastructure is a process that keeps the City's Engineering Services Department busy year-round. Upgrades typically occur through the City's Local Improvement (LI) Process and can be achieved on an individual street or neighbourhood-wide basis. The LI Process allows the City to bring subsurface mains and services (water, sanitary, and storm) up to current standards in performance and efficiency. Upgrades to surface works (roads, sidewalks, and curbs) allow the City to meet safety and universal accessibility standards. 

Current Projects

  • Cook Street
    • Contract awarded for detailed design 
    • Approved by City Council on June 10, 2019
    • A property owner vote closed on May 21, 2019
    • A public hearing occurred on May 6, 2019 
    • First reading of bylaw by City Council occurred April 8, 2019
    • Preliminary design available

Past Projects

LI Project Benefits 

LI Projects benefit property owners, residents, and the City in many ways. Property owners and residents are able to enjoy reduced potential for water and sewer service interruption and streets designed to meet safety and universal accessibility standards. The City benefits by upgrading infrastructure before problems occur. This approach helps to ensure consistency in services, reduces operation and maintenance costs, and reduces water consumption through improved system design. 


LI Projects are typically implemented through cost-sharing arrangements between the City and abutting property owners.  

For subsurface works, the City pays for water and sewer main upgrades located in the right-of-way. Where bleeder systems are in place, the City pays for the replacement of water services from the main up to the residence. The replacement of plumbing inside the home is at the expense of the property owner. The opportunity exists for sewer lines on private property to be replaced at the time of upgrade, in order to take advantage of the trench-work carried out and paid for by the City. The replacement of sewer lines on private property is at the expense of the property owner.

For surface works, the improvements made to roads, sidewalks, and curbs are cost-shared in accordance with the City’s Local Improvement Policy. Standardized charges are set annually by the City. In residential areas, property owners are charged approximately 1/3 of the average cost of urban road construction. Commercial properties are charged 2/3 of the average cost of urban road construction. A unit price is applied to each property frontage on a per metre basis. The charge can be paid up-front or over a 15 year period as part of the property owner's municipal tax bill. The specifics of the charge are described in the City's Local Improvement Charges Bylaw. The charge for each project is set before construction begins, and payments are not made until the year following project completion.

Property Owner Vote 

When the scope, costs, and charges for an LI Project are determined, a ballot is mailed to the affected property owners and a vote is held over a 30 day period. In accordance with the Yukon Municipal Act, if more than 50% of the benefiting property owners object to a proposed LI Project in writing then the City shall not proceed with the project in that year. Where an LI Project involves multiple streets, the project is approved or cancelled at the neighbourhood-level (not on a street-by-street basis).