FAQs: Costs and Charges

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What are the costs associated with the Hillcrest LI Project?

If the project proceeds to the construction phase, property owners on Chalet Cr, Kluane Cr, Sunset Dr S, and Sunset Dr N (including and east of #81) can expect to pay for:
  • LI Charge for surface works, applied to each metre of frontage (plus interest, if applicable)
  • Recirculating pump (approx. $500) 
  • Internal plumbing retrofits (approx. $1,500 - $2,500, depending on finishings) 
  • Sewer service replacement, which is recommended, but not required (approx. $100 per metre)
  • Annual energy cost to run the pump (approx. $50)

Properties on Park Ln, Dalton Tr, and Hillcrest Dr that do not receive the full recirculating service can expect to pay for the LI Charge and optional sewer replacement.  

The City will pay for new recirculating water lines to be installed on private property up to the front of each building (an estimated value of $15,000), or ending within the property where the full service is not installed. The City will also pay for all underground infrastructure in the right-of-way and the remainder of urban surface works not covered by the LI Charge.   

How much are the LI Charge rates in 2016? 

The urban LI Charge rates in 2016 have been set as follows: 

  • Residential and non-profit rate: $633/m (1/3rd of the average cost of urban surface works)
  • Commercial rate: $1,266/m (2/3rds of the average cost of urban surface works)
  • Government rate: $1,900/m (full rate of the average cost of urban surface works)

How much was the urban residential rate for past projects?  

LI Charges are adjusted annually based on rising construction costs and inflation. In 2011, the urban residential rate was $560/metre. In 2010, it was $458/metre (applied to properties on Black Street and Hanson Street). 

When will the LI Charge for the Hillcrest project be determined?

The charge will be determined during the pre-design phase of the project (currently underway). Property owners will be informed on the charge calculated for each property at the time of the LI Vote. This information will be mailed in a letter sent along with the ballot.

How can I find out the frontage of my property? 

Click here to view a map of frontage calculations for the project area. 

What are the payment options? 

Property owners can pay the LI Charge through one of two options:

  1. A one time, lump-sum payment; OR 
  2. Payment over 15 years, amortized, through the municipal tax bill (interest estimated at 6%)

When does the LI Charge take effect? 

The LI Charge applies to properties once the construction phase of each street is complete.

If I have a corner lot, am I charged for two frontages?

No. Corner properties are charged only for the narrower portion of frontage.