FAQs: LI Vote

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How does the LI Vote work? 

When the scope and costs of the Hillcrest LI Project are determined, a bylaw will be introduced to City Council and a 30 day voting period will be launched for benefiting property owners. A ballot will be sent to each legally titled property in the project area. For condominium situations, each unit is entitled to one vote. In accordance with the Yukon Municipal Act, if more than 50% of the benefiting property owners vote against the proposed LI Project, then the City shall not proceed with the project in that year. 

What happens if I don’t vote? 

An unreturned ballot is considered to be “no opposition” to the project.

What if everyone on my street votes for the project to proceed, but other streets vote to object?

The Hillcrest LI Project will either be approved or cancelled at the neighbourhood-level, not on a street-by-street basis.

If there are no improvements in front of my property, do I get to vote?

Only property owners fronting onto the improvement area will be entitled to vote. Property owners that are unaffected by the LI Charge are not entitled to vote.

If I vote against the LI Project and it passes, will I have to pay the LI Charge?

Yes. The LI Charge will apply to all properties that front onto the improvement area.