Sixth Ave Local Improvement Project

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PS Sidhu Trucking has commenced construction work for the Sixth Avenue Local Improvement Project. For the period from May to August 2018, Sixth Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic between Ogilvie and Jarvis Streets. Pedestrian access will be maintained where possible and vehicular access to residents will be from the alley. View the latest announcements on construction here

For design enquiries, call Associated Engineering at 456-2711.

For construction enquiries, call PS Sidhu Trucking Public Liaison at 335-6683.

Sixth Avenue (Ogilvie to Jarvis Street): Draft 2 - Detailed Design

Draft 2 of the Sixth Avenue Detailed Design is focused on the portion of Sixth Avenue located between Ogilvie and Jarvis Streets. The design is shaped by public input received on Draft 1, which was released and discussed at an Open House in February 2016. Approximately 20 people attended the meeting, others participated by emailing their comments. The City extends a big thank you to everyone who submitted input.

Utilities Update 

Public input received on Draft 1 of the Detailed Design indicated an interest to have the overhead utility lines that run along the east side of Sixth Avenue buried. Draft 2 stated that Engineering Services would explore the feasibility of this option and submit a funding request to City Council for the work, since the item is not eligible under the funding source secured for the rest of the reconstruction project (the federal government’s New Build Canada Fund). 

An early estimate suggested that burying the utilities, which include electrical and telecommunications infrastructure, would cost approximately $1M. Further investigation resulted in a revised estimate of $2.2M.

A request was submitted for the item to be considered through the City’s Capital Budget decision-making process. Due to the magnitude of the cost implications and competing priorities for limited funding, the item did not advance past the preliminary budget screening phase. 


The underground infrastructure in various downtown areas is approaching the end of its service life. The City is staging the reconstruction of this infrastructure through Local Improvement (LI) Projects so that it does not require replacing all at once. The process allows for underground works (e.g. water mains, sewer mains, and storm catchments) to be updated and sized to meet current and projected capacity needs. Surface works are rebuilt to meet current standards for infrastructure design.

Design work is currently underway to reconstruct the portion of Sixth Avenue located between Ogilvie and Jarvis Street, with goals to: 

  • Replace underground infrastructure, where needed;
  • Upgrade the road surface to improve drainage, accessibility, and safety;
  • Improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure;
  • Improve the streetscape through a landscaped design; and
  • Put the finishing touches on the Black St roundabout.   

There is no property owner charge or vote associated with the Sixth Avenue LI Project.

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