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Welcome to the project page for the Range Road Corridor Study

Project Update December 3, 2020

The Community Survey results will be analyzed and considered in the draft recommended conceptual plan.

The project is anticipated to be completed early in 2021.

Watch this five minute video as a summary to the Range Rd Corridor Study

(produced mid-November 2020)

Urban Systems and the City held a webinar on Tuesday November 24th, 2020. The full webinar was recorded and can be found here.


Project Update - November 18, 2020

In October, the City held a series of stakeholder workshops to gather input on the issues and priorities for the corridor. We heard from a variety of voices including Takhini residents, recreation/sports groups, employers along the corridor and City departments. This input was considered by the City in addition to technical information. 

Two draft design concepts have been developed for the Range Road corridor. The links below will download a PDF of the corridor cross-sections and detailed recommended improvements superimposed on an aerial photo of the corridor.

Cross-section for both Options 1 and 2

Conceptual design for Option 1

Conceptual design for Option 2

Over the next several weeks the City will review and refine the designs described above before selecting a preferred design in mid-December. 


Examples of separated cycling facilities from other Canadian Municipalities

Winnipeg - at grade two-way cycle track separated with concrete curb (summer and winter)

separated bike lane




protected bike lane winter




































 Abbotsford - at grade separated facility with on-street parkingbi-directional bike lane with on-street parking

 Vancouver - raised one-way cycle track

 raised cycle track

Questions or comments

Please contact rangeroad@whitehorse.ca with any questions or comments related to the Range Road Corridor Study.




The City and Urban Systems are preparing a conceptual design for the Range Road Corridor, between Mountain View Drive and Two Mile Hill Road.

The corridor study will look for opportunities to improve conditions for walking, cycling and transit along the corridor, while accommodating vehicle movements and traffic operations. This project is intended to complement and integrate with the intersection improvements at Range Road and Two Mile Hill Road. Improvements at this intersection are considering options to improve walking and cycling, in addition to transit and driving, making the intersection easier and safer.

Range Rd Corridor

Arial photo of Range Road Corridor with the Two Mile Hill Road/Range Road intersection on the bottom right (Photo: Alistair Maitland Photography 2018)

Range Road, between Mountain View Drive and Two Mile Hill Road, is a two-lane neighbourhood collector with northbound transit, curbside parking and sidewalks on both sides, and unmarked on-street cycling. Traffic volumes are approximately 6,000 vehicles per day. Range Road bisects the neighbourhoods of Takhini North and West from Takhini East. Major destinations on/adjacent to Range Road include private residences, Yukon University, Takhini Elementary School, Pepsi Softball Complex, Broomball, Takhini Arena, Government of Yukon offices, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and two new multi-family complexes currently under construction.

Through the recent Official Community Plan (OCP) process, the Takhini neighbourhood has expressed an interest for traffic calming of Range Road, with vehicle speeding being an ongoing concern both with residents and the Takhini School. Transit has proposed increased routes on Range Road, with buses in both directions and Yukon University becoming a primary transit hub.

In 2018, the City of Whitehorse prepared a Bicycle Network Plan, outlining a long-term vision for cycling in Whitehorse. Through the creation of the Bicycle Network Plan, Range Road was identified as a future separated bicycle path for all ages and abilities (AAA). Facilities for walking and cycling will connect with multi-use trails along Range Road south (Airport Trail), Two Mile Hill and Range Road North.

The draft Trail plan (map in Appendix C) identifies existing and proposed trails for motorized and non-motorized users throughout Takhini neighbourhood.


The Range Road Corridor Study will take place between October and December 2020 and will include opportunities for stakeholders and Whitehorse residents to participate in the process. The consultation process will occur virtually through a series of stakeholder workshops, a public webinar, and community survey. The consultation process will allow the City to better understand the issues and concerns of the community, as well as opportunities and aspirations related to the Study corridor. Stakeholders. Residents will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on draft concept design options. This important feedback will be considered as the draft concept designs are refined and a preferred conceptual design is selected by the City. 

 Range Rd Corridor Engagement