Cold Commute

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Safe Winter Travels

Cold Commute 

With the days getting shorter, the City of Whitehorse encourages pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to help each other stay safe. 

The peak morning and evening commuting periods are now in darkness. We can all do our part to promote safe travel on City streets. Visibility, alertness, and communication between drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists are the order of the day for safe and active winter commuting.

Active transportation users are encouraged to dress in high visibility clothing and use adequate lights and reflectors. Making eye contact with drivers is also important in order to ensure you have been seen before proceeding through intersections and crossings.

All residents are required to fully clear sidewalks bordering their property. This avoids creating problems for people trying to move around, particularly those with mobility challenges. When clearing snow from sidewalks, place the snow at the curb edge or on your property, please do not move it onto roadways or private properties other than your own.

Drivers should be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, particularly children, using streets and intersections. Please remember you will need extra braking and stopping time due to ice, snow and weather changes. This can also cause more slipping and sliding to happen unexpectedly.

Drivers can also do their part by travelling within the speed limits, yielding to pedestrians, and respecting cyclists’ right to use the roadway. Extra caution is advised on the shared roadway on the Robert Campbell Bridge into Riverdale. Mutual respect by all users will help build safer streets.

Why not use Transit? Get schedules and more information here.

Sign up for Rideshare and share your ride with a neighbour or co-worker!  Save time scraping the windshield and  warming up the car. By sharing the ride, you save gas and reduce the volume of traffic, making it safer for all commuters.