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Next Major Grant Application Deadline is October 15, 2020, 4:30pm. Minor Grants available now.

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The Environmental Grant policy.

The City of Whitehorse Environmental Grant encourages community groups to pursue the goals of the Whitehorse Sustainability Plan.

For other funding, you can also consider the Government of Yukon Environmental Awareness Fund or the Yukon Environmental Training Fund.

Fund parameters are summarized below. For exact wording, refer to the Environmental Grant Policy.

Who Can Apply

Societies registered under the Yukon Societies Act, schools, and commercial organizations (with a Whitehorse business license) that have a Whitehorse mailing address and a Yukon bank account are eligible for the grant.

Applicants can receive only one Environmental Grant per year. Applicants must not be overdue on money or obligations to the City, including completing accountability statements for previous grants.

Deadline and Funds Available

The City of Whitehorse makes $25,000 available each calendar year. Applications for Major Grants of over $1000 are due on October 15th, or the first business day following. Up to 55% of the funds (i.e. $13,750) are available prior to October 15.

Applications for funding $1000 or less are called Minor Grants and may be submitted throughout the year if funds are available. Applications received within 3 weeks before the October deadline will be reviewed along with the major grants.

Eligible Projects

Applications will be considered for funding if:

  • The project contributes to the goals of the Whitehorse Sustainability Plan
  • The majority of project beneficiaries or participants reside in the City of Whitehorse
  • The project will take place within the City of Whitehorse accessible the public; and
  • The project does not duplicate programs in the public or private sector.

Eligible Costs

Grants can be spent on expenses directly related to the project, which can include:

  • Equipment and supplies required to complete the project (rental/purchase);
  • Human resources, but not ongoing staff wages
  • Honoraria to a maximum of $175.00 per day
  • Printing
  • Advertising
  • Facility rental fees for special events
  • Airfare, accommodation and meal costs for instructors and presenters in Whitehorse (see Environmental Grant Policy for detail on amounts)

Projects whose equipment or capital costs are $1,000 or more must also provide matching funding for amounts above $1000 (see policy for more detail on equipment).

Ineligible Costs

The following expenses cannot be reimbursed through the Environmental Grant, although they can be part of a project:

  • Fundraising events
  • Costumes, props and personal care products
  • Computer hardware, software and internet access
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Costs related to keeping an office, including ongoing operational expense
  • Medals, crests, uniforms
  • Ongoing staff wages
  • Fees payable to the City, such as registration fees, taxes, and facility rental
  • Gifts and draw prizes
  • Retroactive funding for projects already completed
  • Costs incurred prior to the application being received by the Environmental Coordinator

For full information about review criteria, read the Environmental Grant Policy. Decisions for minor grants are made by City administration; major grants are approved by City Council.

Before you Start Your Application

  1. Read the Environmental Grant Policy. It contains important information about eligibility and procedures. 
  2. Read the Whitehorse Sustainability Plan. Your application should demonstrate how your project will contribute to meeting the objectives and goals of this plan.
  3. Look at the list of past projects. The Environmental Fund has supported many community projects over the years. This list will give you an idea of the types of projects that have been funded, and the value of the funding.
  4. Contact the City of Whitehorse Environmental Coordinator to discuss your application and ideas. It is strongly suggested that you discuss your project before submitting an application.

Complete the Application Form

Only electronic applications will be accepted. Paper copies will not be accepted.
  1. Download and save a copy of the Environmental Fund Application (rtf or Word)
  2. Complete the application and save it with your project title as the file name.
  3. Email the completed application to  sustainability@whitehorse.ca
  4. Supporting documentation (letters of support, confirmation of partner funding, quotations for capital expenses exceeding $500.00, regulation permits and permissions) can be scanned and submitted with the emailed application. If you cannot provide digital copies, you can come to the Planning & Sustainability office and they can be scanned for you.

Applications are reviewed by a review committee and recommendations are made to City Council. Decisions are made within 6 weeks of the application deadline.


Once your project has been completed, you need to submit by email: 

  1. final report (in Word or rtf). 
  2. The financial statement (in Excel)

The two above documents are required for completion of the project and release of holdback funding.

Note the Grant terms and conditions (these will be sent to successful applicants). 


Tel: (867) 668-8652

Office Location: 4210 Fourth Avenue, Whitehorse, second floor