Snow Clearing

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 Clearing Sidewalks

 Snow and Ice

Businesses are required to clear snow down to pavement on sidewalk and lane crossings by 11 am the day after a snowfall.

The Bylaw department wishes to remind everyone that shovelling snow onto the road or your neighbour's property is not permitted. Businesses may push the snow to the curb's edge.

Please call 668-8317 for further information or questions.


Winter Multi-use Trail Maintenance

Winter maintenance is reviewed annually and passed by Council as the Snow and Ice Control Policy. The City currently removes snow from the following sections of multi-use pathways (all sidewalk sections remain the responsibility of the adjacent property owner):

  • Multi-use pathway on the north-side of Two Mile Hill from Second Avenue to the Alaska Highway
  • Multi-use pathway on south side of Two Mile Hill from Second Avenue to Chilkoot Way, and from Range Rd to the Alaska Highway
  • Both sides of the Robert Campbell Bridge
  • Multi-use pathway on the North side of Lewes Blvd. from Hospital Rd to Alsek Rd (at traffic light)
  • Multi-use pathway on south side of Lewes Blvd. from Alsek Rd (at traffic lights) to Nisutlin Drive
  • Riverfront Trail (from Robert Campbell Bridge to Spook Creek Station)
  • Millennium Trail (entire loop)

Sidewalk sections adjacent to City property are also cleared by the City; all other sidewalks are the responsibility of adjacent business and residential property owners. The maps below shows the sidewalks and multi-use trail sections cleared by the City by neighbourhood:City Sidewalks Downtown, Riverdale, Marwell, Takhini

City sidewalks Porter Creek, Granger, Whistle Bend

The bike lanes on 4th Avenue are not specifically maintained during the winter and are often filled with snow and gravel. As an alternative, the City maintains 6th Avenue to Hanson, Hanson to 4th and then 4th Avenue to the RSW roundabout. The Riverfront Trail and the Millennium trails are also plowed and sanded throughout the winter. Please yield to pedestrians on multi-use trails, and use front and back lights.


The following trails are not cleared, but are packed by snow machine.

Transit stops are cleared on the following priority basis: