Road Safety

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Safety is everyone's responsibility. Whether you drive a car, ride a bike, take transit or walk, you need to be aware of, and respect, the other road and trail users.

Everyone is a pedestrian

For at least part of every trip, everyone is a pedestrian . You walk from the transit stop to your office. You walk from your parked car to enter a store. Your children walk from the school bus to your house. You walk from the bike parking to the front door.

Add some "reflection" to your clothing

Many of us wear dark clothing and become almost invisible in the winter. Reflective tape can be sewn/glued onto coats, hats, pants, boots, back-packs. It is surprising how the reflective tape will light-up when other lights hit it.

Tips for reflective tape:

  • Attach the reflective tape to cuffs - when you walk or swing your arms, the reflective tape moves and is more eye catching. Or attach it to your mittens and gloves.
  • If you routinely wear a backpack, put the reflective tape on the backpack (and not on your coat where it can be covered up)
  • If you wear a pre-made strap, consider fastening it with a safety pin to prevent it from falling off
  • If you cycle, add reflective tape to the frame so that you become more visible from the side. Add the tape to your arm cuffs so that drivers can see your hand signals more easily.

Light up with reflective tape

bike lights


The one meter rule

1 m rule


Check for cyclists before opening your car door

It is your responsibility to make sure that your open car door does not obstruct other road users. Before you open your car door, make sure you check for cyclists riding by. If you open your door into the path of a cyclist, they can be seriously hurt.

Check for cyclists