Clean wood waste

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Clean Wood Waste

As of 2014 clean wood waste must be separated from regular waste. When separated, clean wood is one third of the price of regular tipping fee, saving users on tipping fees. Separated clean wood is chipped up and used as a carbon source at the compost facility. Loads mixed with clean wood are subject to higher tipping fees. 

what is clean wood?

Clean wood is any unpainted, untreated, unglued dimensional lumber and pallets. 

Why Separate Clean wood

  • Saves money on tipping fees

  • Valuable to the compost program

  • Saves valuable landfill space

Clean Wood materials and services

Material Requirements Services Good to know
unpainted pallets and untreated, unstained, unpainted and unglued dimensional lumber (pine, spruce, fir)


Must be separated from regular waste.

When mixed with regular waste, could trigger unsorted waste charges at the Waste Management Facility.

Drop off at Waste Management Facility (tipping fee applies) Serviced clean wood waste bins can be arranged through General Waste Management or Pacific Northwest.

Screws and nails can be left in 

Clean wood is chipped and added to our compost as a carbon source.

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