Compost Sales

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Compost Sales

Citizens of Whitehorse are doing a great job separating out their organic waste which is sent to the City of Whitehorse compost facility. The City's compost facility has been in operation since 2008, producing quality product and defying beliefs that composting north of 60° is difficult or even impossible.When it comes to organics, Whitehorse punches above its weight with unbeatable infrastructure and it shows!

As of April 2017 the City compost is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). What that means for City compost users is that the high quality City compost is listed for use in organic crops, gardens or operations! 


Compost is available for pick up at the Waste Management Facility.
Bagged compost - $5/bag
Compost bulk loads - 1-9 cubic yards $45/yard, 10+cubic yards $30/yard
Blended bulk loads (blend of compost and sand) - 1-9 cubic yards $45/yard, 10+cubic yards $30/yard
Bulk loads available by appointment only (867-668-8350)

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