Locking Your Waste

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Locking Your Waste

When it comes to proper waste management, we all have a role to play. Making sure that waste is secured not only prevents wildlife from accessing it, but also reduces the risk of people illegally dumping in your bin, which is a theft of service.

Private waste haulers in Whitehorse are working to install gravity locks on all commercial waste bins. A locking bar across the top of the bin prevents the lid from being opened, but disengages when the bin is tipped upside down by the garbage truck. The driver does not need to get out of the truck with this type of lock. A padlock underneath enables you to disengage the bar when you need to throw something in. As a business owner, you are responsible for making sure that your waste bin remains locked at all times.

Key reasons to put a lock on your bin

  • A lock is an effective way of knowing what items are going in your container
  • Prevents illegal dumping, which is a theft of service
  • Helps you avoid unsorted load fees, by giving you control of what goes in your bin
  • Protects your container from ravens, bears and other wildlife

Know what can go in your bin

A locked waste bin means you have control over what can and can't go into your bin and avoiding unsorted waste fees. Knowledge is power when it comes to avoiding unsorted fees, if you are unsure what you can put in your designated bins review the document below or try the City's waste app.


Download our Waste Sorting Guide.



Waste Sorting App

Sorting your waste is easy with our What Goes Where app. Type the name of an item into the search bar and we will give you recycling, composting, or disposal options.

Follow these easy instructions to download the app on your phone or mobile device. 

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