Multi-Unit Residential - 5 units or more

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Multi-Unit Residential - 5 units or more

Beginning in 2020, all multi-unit residential properties with 5 or more units (e.g., condos snd apartment buildings) will be required to enroll in the Commercial Organics collection program.  

Note: The Multi-Unit Organics program operates separately from the Residential Curbside Collection program and is on its own weekly collection schedule!

Multi-unit residential properties are already required to separate their cardboard -- and handle their waste using commercial services or by self-hauling. With Commercial Organics collection, all multi-unit properties have a choice between ordering either Green Carts or Green Bins (2-yard or 3-yard) from the City to participate in the weekly collection program.

Contact the Water and Waste Services Environmental Coordinator at 867-689-2325 or at for more information and to enroll.


Property owners and condo corps will need to ensure tenants and residents know what is allowed to go in the designated bins. Unsorted waste is subject to higher tipping fees and risk not being collected by waste service providers.

Items that don't belong in regular garbage bin include: Organics, cardboard, mixed recyclables, electronic waste, scrap metal, construction and demolition (C&D), hazardous waste, tires, to name a few.  

Sorting your waste makes a big difference in prolonging the life of the landfill, preventing toxic leachate and greenhouse gas emissions -- and working towards the City's goal towards zero waste. Diverted organics are turned into a high-quality nutrient-rich garden compost.


Here is are a few helpful documents to help residents and property managers know what items need to be separated:

 Waste Sorting Guide 1 of 2Waste Sorting Guide 2 of 2

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