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Growing a Greener Tomorrow

Nice job, Whitehorse! Our city has been at the leading edge of organics waste management for more than a decade. Over 43% of waste is currently diverted from the landfill through organic separation.

At the City of Whitehorse's compost facility, organic waste from your Green Cart becomes a valuable, nutritious supplement to enrich our soils. You can buy this top-quality product at the Landfill. The facility also creates local jobs, prolongs the life of our landfill, and gets us closer to our goal of 50% diversion. 

The City's compost facility has been in operation since 2008, defying misconceptions that composting north of 60° is difficult or even impossible. Whitehorse has had a curbside organics collection program long before most other Canadian municipalities did. When it comes to organic separation, Whitehorse punches above its weight -- and that's something we can be proud of together!

The City has two separate organics programs:

Residential Organics is for properties with 1-4 residential units. It includes biweekly curbside collection of green carts. Click here for more info.

Commercial Organics is for properties with five or more residential units, food-service businesses, and all other commercial enterprises. It includes weekly collection of both green carts and green bins. For more info, see Multi-Unit or Business Waste.

Get the dirt on organic separation

When organic material decomposes in our landfill, it makes a toxic mess. It produces poisonous methane - a greenhouse gas that's 25 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. It also produces leachate - a toxic sludge that can percolate into our ground water. That's a serious risk to human health and our environment. 

Organic separation is the answer. Use your Green Cart every day to capture all your food, yard and garden waste. We'll take care of the rest - turning your organic waste into valuable compost for gardens. 

Help create a healthier environment for everyone and feed your Green Cart. Looking for office organic diversion? the City of Whitehorse has a collection program for you. Click here for more info.

what is compostable?

For the quick answer, use the convenient What Goes Where app.

Or check out our handy new Organics Sorting Guide:

Technically speaking if it was living it's compostable, but there are some exceptions. Compost collection services accept:

  • food including meat, fish, dairy products and shellfish (including the shells) - raw or cooked;
  • garden and yard waste;
  • food soiled paper (for example, that grease stained pizza box or muffin bag);
  • human and pet hair;
  • sawdust and wood shaving;
  • coffee grounds & filters;
  • loose tea & fiber tea bags;
  • eggshells;
  • and more.

    Please do not place pet waste (feces, bedding or litter) into the compost bin.
    The City makes a high grade compost for your edible garden and pet waste can contain bacteria and parasites that may be harmful to human health. 

    Compostable Bags

    If you choose to use bags, only buy compostable bags with either of these logos:

    US composting council bag label Compost bag label
    Organics_NoPlastics Biodegradable does not mean compostable! Regular plastic bags can biodegrade over many years, but that just means they become smaller and smaller pieces of plastic - they will never return nutrients to the earth the way a compostable bag will. Never use plastic shopping bags, grocery bags or any other type of plastic bag for your organic waste.

    Compost for sale

    The organic waste you feed your Green Cart gets turned into compost - a rich soil amendment for your garden and/or yard.

    Compost is available seasonally for pick up at the Waste Management Facility.

  • Waste Sorting App

    Knowing what to feed your Green Cart is easy with our What Goes Where app. Use it here, or download it right to your smartphone or tablet to have that info right at your finger tips anytime you need it. Type the name of an item into the search bar and the app gives you recycling, composting, or disposal options.

  • Follow these easy instructions to download the app to your phone or mobile device. 

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