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Yukon residents pay a recycling fee up front as part of the purchase price of a tire. Used tires off rims come to the transfer station at the Waste Management Facility, and then are shipped to a recycling facility in Alberta where they are shredded into crumb rubber. Among other things, crumb rubber is added to Astroturf for extra cushioning, and is also used as ground cover for playground equipment and running tracks.

Tire stewardship

Yukon Government has the Used Tire Management Program which falls under the Designated Materials Regulation (DMR). Under this program all new motorized vehicle tires with an inner diameter of 24.5 inches or less are charged a $5 surcharge when purchased in the Yukon. This surcharge covers the disposal, handling, shipping and recycling costs of the tires. Click here for more information on the Yukon Government Used Tire Program.

hazardous waste materials and services

Material Requirements Services Good to know
Tires with an inner diameter of 24.5" or less. This does not include larger tires or tires from non-motorized vehicles. 

Must be off rim.  

Must be separated from regular waste.

When mixed with regular waste, could trigger unsorted waste charges at the Waste Management Facility.

Drop off at the Waste Management Facility.

$5 surcharge charged to new tire purchases in the Yukon cover the disposal at the Waste Management Facility.

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