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What Goes Where

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When it comes to sorting our waste, nobody enjoys the guessing game. Whitehorse's 'What Goes Where' app makes sorting your waste a snap.

keep materials separated

We don't buy things all together so why dispose of them all together? 'What Goes Where' helps you make the best waste disposal choice possible. Simply type the item in question into the search bar and voila you now know how to dispose of that item. In the event the item is not in the database, administration will update the list with the correct disposal information.

Waste Sorting App

Sorting your waste is easy with our new What Goes Where app. Type the name of an item into the search bar and we will give you recycling, composting, or disposal options.


Batteries can be recycled year round!

Vehicle batteries can be taken to the Waste Management Facility or sold to Raven Recycling. If you are purchasing a new battery ask if they will refund you the 'core' fee if you return your old battery.

Properly handled (see below) lithium Ion (Li-Ion), small sealed lead acid (SSLA/Pb) rechargeable batteries, lithium primary batteries, button cell batteries and alkaline batteries can be taken to Call2Recycle collection depots: the Source, Staples and Raven Recycling.

Proper handling of batteries: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/Pb) rechargeable batteries and lithium primary batteries must be individually bagged or have their terminals covered with tape. Other battery types do not need to be individually bagged. If you are unsure what type of battery, then please bag it to be on the safe side. 

paint-can Latex and acrylic paint can be dried out and put into your waste collection. Simply take the lid off and let it completely dry before placing for collection.
Curious about other materials? Look them up in the Whitehorse Waste App above.

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