About the Sustainability Plan

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The City of Whitehorse's Sustainability Plan is embodied through 12 goals that describe what the community wants to achieve in the long term. The plan is comprehensive and broad with the strategies and goals touching all aspects of our community where we live, work, and play.


Whitehorse will be a well-planned, self-sustaining, innovative community that leads in management and conservation of wilderness, energy, and resources for the future. Whitehorse will strive for a good quality of life for all, a stable economy, and a socially diverse community. 

Why Plan?

We aim to capture both the practical knowledge and visionary ideas of employees and residents.

Planning is an opportunity for the City to:
• Identify community and environmental values
• Engage the community in a conversation about sustainability
• Harmonize and integrate discrete City and community projects and initiatives
• Define a path for the future

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