Diverse Local Economy

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10_economy400x200 The Goal

A stable, diverse economy that is resilient to global change and features a strong labour force, a healthy municipal corporation, and a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

Maintain a Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) and process for the City of Whitehorse
Complete by 2020 None
90 points by 2020 2015 score was 88.73, virtually unchanged from 2012. The NEDI has not been published since.
Increase number of business licenses (five year rolling average) Increase 4% by 2020  Average licenses for 2017 was 3149, down from 3526 in 2014



A diverse, inclusive and thriving local economy ensures residents have the opportunity to both participate and benefit from economic opportunities. A healthy economy creates jobs and income that will allow all residents to meet their basic needs.


Low. The City has some influence over the local economy development initiatives, land use planning and development control, and promotion of Whitehorse. While the economy is strongly driven by regional, national, and global shifts, the City can play an important role in community economic development initiatives.


Good. A new Economic Development Coordinator position has been created and the Community Economic Development Strategy was updated in 2015. Partnerships have been strengthened between the City, the business community, and other governments.