Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

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The Goal

Increased renewable energy, reduce GHG production, and operational cost savings.

Increase renewable energy production by the City of Whitehorse
5% increase by 2020 400kw of solar production will be built on the new Operations Building 2019
Reduce City greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 2014 level
10% by 2020 Emissions from City buildings and fleet have held steady at approximately 4200t CO2e since 2014
Reduce per capita GHG emissions from 2014 levels 6% by 2020 data not available
Reduce total GHG emissions from 2014 levels 0% decrease by 2020  data not available



Reducing GHGs is part of Whitehorse’s commitment to global sustainability. Decreasing non-renewable energy use and increasing renewable energy production lowers community risks associated with fossil fuel dependence and climate change, and lowers operating costs.


Medium. The City manages the landfill and its own energy-consuming facilities and infrastructure. The City enforces national energy efficiency standards for new buildings, operates transit, and educates on some GHG reduction activities. However, the City has limited influence on private and commercial transportation and existing buildings.


The City will improve its corporate emissions through several new buildings and building envelope upgrades over the next few years. The City has made efforts to reduce community emissions through transit investments, stricter efficiency requirements for buildings, encouraging active transportation, and launching a rideshare app.