Green Buildings and Infrastructure

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The Goal

Reduce environmental impacts of private and City-owned buildings and infrastructure. 

City owned buildings: Make new buildings 50% more efficient than the National Energy Code (NECB) 
Achieve 50% The new Operations Building will be 80% better than the NECB. The new fire hall will be 50% better.
City owned buildings: Make building retrofits with a 20 year or longer lifespan 30% more efficient than the NECB 
Achieve 30% Modeling for upcoming renovations to City Hall and Transit building are not available.
New buildings in Whitehorse to be 30% more efficient than the NECB, National Building Code (NBC) or achieve comparable targeted EnerGuide Ratings Change requirements by 2029  No progress
Reduce per capita water consumption 10% decrease by 2020  Per capita water consumption has held steady at approximately 450 litres per day since 2014
Manage all infrastructure, buildings, and natural assets in asset management system 90% completion by 2020  Asset management continues at the City



Improving the performance of buildings and infrastructure in Whitehorse to reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, and environmental risks.


High. The City manages its public infrastructure and buildings. The City also regulates new building and infrastructure construction, but has limited influence over existing buildings, unless they are renovated.


The City has made good progress in making energy efficiency a priority in its new Operations building and Fire Hall. Opportunities exist for proposed renovations to City Hall and the Transit Building. The City continues to make progress on its asset management program. Upgrades to the transportation system to improve active transportation use are contemplated when surface and subsurface improvements are required. Leaks in the water distribution system are routinely detected and repaired.

More information

Read more about the Building and Plumbing Bylaw , energy efficiency requirements, and our water system.