Resilient, Accessible Food Systems

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The Goal

Production, processing, distribution, and sales of local, healthy food to all residents. 
Increase consumption of local food
Set targets Metric to be determined
Increase number of community garden plots
35% increase by 2020 5 neighbourhoods or organizations have community gardens, up from 2 in 2014
Increase amount of finished compost produced by City each year 10% increase by 2020 2457 tonnes of raw compost was collected in 2017, up from 2222 tonnes in 2014 



Increasing local food production, processing, and consumption makes Whitehorse less vulnerable to weather-related supply interruptions; creates more local, green jobs; and reduces food insecurity.


Low. The City can influence food-based businesses and activities, but has little influence over production, regulation, and consumption.


Good. The City has been working on a comprehensive Local Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy. For more information on this work, visit the project page.