Zero Waste

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The Goal

Minimize waste generation and maximize resource recovery through reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting. 
Increase waste diversion; target reflects percentage of all waste generated that is diverted
50% diversion by 2020 26% diversion in 2017



Reducing waste saves money, benefits the environment, and fosters responsible consumption and production.


High. The City manages the Waste Management Facility, funds some recycling services, and educates the public about waste diversion practices. The City has low control over consumption patterns. Partners collect and process materials.


Good. An ambitious Solid Waste Action Plan (SWAP) was completed in 2013, with goals of 50% diversion by 2015 and zero waste by 2040. A significant motivating factor is the landfill closure and liability. While diversion increased between 2013 and 2016, the diversion rate decreased in 2017 due to the large amount of waste resulting from the demolition of FH Collins school.

More information

Read more about Waste Diversion at the City of Whitehorse.